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Day-After Dishing, Oscars 2019 Edition

Sometimes the best part of the Oscars is the day-after dishing about who was wearing what!  The red carpet has always been my favourite part of the event, and it’s a tradition that I watch it annually with my mom.  We may not always agree on what’s a fashion win or what’s a faux-pas, but we always have fun talking about the colours, the designs, the fabrics and the accessories!

The stars of the 91st Academy Awards did not disappoint, and as is expected, I’ve got a list of faves and a list of failures.  It was actually pretty difficult to narrow it down to just a few in the “best dressed” category – the stars really brought it this year!  And judging by what I’ve already seen on the internet this morning, my “flop” list may be a bit controversial.  Let’s get started.


The Faves:


My number one pick of the evening is going to the gorgeous Ashley Graham.  She was stunning and so elegant in Zac Posen, and was fun to watch as she fan-girled while interviewing the celebrities on the red carpet.

I noticed that Tina Fey wasn’t on a lot of best dressed lists this morning, and this will simply not stand.  Her boldly coloured, custom Vera Wang gown had her standing out from the crowd in my opinion.

I can not leave the incomparable Jennifer Lopez off this list.  Can.  Not.  This woman always shines wherever she goes (no pun intended), and her Tom Ford gown was a true stunner last night.

As I said above, narrowing down just a short collection of best dressed from last night’s show was extremely difficult, and I most definitely missed a few names that were on your list, but here’s my final submission:  Maria Menounos interviewed stars on the red carpet last night in the most amazing yellow gown (complete with comfortable boots!).  The colour and the fabric and the style was completely fantastic.


Honourable mentions go to Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Emilia Clarke and Oscar winner, Regina King.


The Failures:


And here is where I get (possibly) controversial, so I’ll take this opportunity to disclaim that these are my opinions only.  Obviously someone thought these gowns were a good idea, I don’t know that I’d do well in that world.

Oh Rachel Weisz, I loved you in The Favourite.  Also, your weird raincoat top thing was terrible.  Please stop.

Kacey Musgraves’ Giambattista Valli Couture pink gown had her resembling a fluffy cupcake and I’m not for it.  Loved the colour, and maybe the tiered skirt, but for sure too much icing on the top.  Too.  Much.

My biggest disappointed of the night was Charlize Theron in Dior.  Charlize has wow’d me every year for what seems like forever and then this happens.  The colour was drab, the fit did nothing for her shape and the fabric was just… ugh.


The Men:


Let’s talk about the guys for a moment shall we?  I confess I love a man in a classic black tux, but it’s always great to see something a little more creative on the red carpet, just to shake things up a bit (I’m looking at you, Jason Momoa).

Yep.  You know Jason Momoa was going to hit this list so let’s just get it out of the way right now.  I have nothing else to say, and you know why.

Breaking out with some awesome colour in a fab Etro suit and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes I present to you Stephan James.  Love.  This.  Look.

Lastly I’ll offer you my fave men in black of the evening:  Trevor Noah looking like snack in Salvatore Feragamo, and Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortensen in Dior Men.  Yum and Yum.



Thanks for dishing with me today, it’s been fun.  Find us on social and tell us your faves and flops!



All photos by Getty Images