Community Bookings

Westshore Town Centre supports the community by providing free table space for various registered charities and non-profit groups to raise funds or increase public awareness. To qualify for complimentary space, non-profit groups, organizations or clubs must provide a government-sanctioned charitable number and the space must be used solely for fundraising and information awareness activities.  Some examples of eligible groups include sports teams, school groups and charities.  Space is limited and is on a first come, first served basis.  All requests for space must be submitted, at least two to three months in advance for approval.  Upon acceptance, a Temporary Occupancy Agreement with a liability insurance certificate is required before approval is granted.  Note that our insurance requirements have changed, please do not process your insurance until your application has been approved and you have recieved an agreement from us.

Thank you for considering Westshore Town Centre as a contributor to your charitable organization. We are a proud supporter of our community and encourage you to submit an application for consideration.

Each year, we receive numerous requests for monetary donations, sponsorship, raffles, auctions, advertising and display space. Due to the number of reqeusts we receive, Westshore has implemented a standard process in determining which requests we approve.

To be considered, please submit a letter on corporate letterhead describing your organization and/or event or program. We require at least 60 – day advance notice for display space. In keeping with our community spirit, Westshore Town Centre gives preference to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Make a contribution to the local community including non-profit, cultural, educational and social service groups
  • Serve the Westshore communities
  • Are a registered charitable organzation
  • Directly support school, education and literacy

We do not support the following:

  • For-profit activities (refer to Specialty Leasing page for such requests).
  • Organizations or projects outside or originating outside of British Columbia.
  • Travel for individuals or groups.
  • Religious or political organizations and affiliated activities (petitions or protests)

Please mail, email, fax or drop-off your proposal letter for consideration to:
Westshore Town Centre Administration
2945 Jacklin Road
Victoria, B.C., V9B 5E3
Fax: 250-474-1547

Email inquiries:

Please note that your request or proposal letter does not consitute an agreement. Upon acceptance a temporary occupancy agreement will be sent to you. A signed agreement and valid insurance certificate will confirm your booking.

For additional information please contact:
Carlene McDonald, Marketing Manager
250-474-3269 ext. 204