About Us

Westshore Is Where It’s At

When does a favourite shopping spot feel like part of the family?  When there’s something wonderful for everyone in every way and every day.  Westshore Town Centre in Langford, the heart of the “Western Communities” on the western side of Greater Victoria, is the perfect match for busy families.  With retailers that have them covered, it’s the family go-to, and favorite first stop for everything you need. Westshore Town Centre is where you’ll find it, where you’ll get it, and where you’ll love it, ‘cause it’s where it’s at!


Animals at Westshore Town Centre

Only certified guide/service dogs are permitted at the shopping centre and guests may be asked to show proof of provincial certification.  We kindly ask that you leave your pet or emotional support animal at home.  Note that one exception to this rule is that dogs are permitted at Winners/HomeSense, so shoppers heading there are asked to use the mall entrance doors down that end of the centre to keep your route to and from Winners/HomeSense direct.



QuadReal Property Group is a global real estate investment, operating and development company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its assets under management are $73.8 billion. From its foundation in Canada as a full-service real estate operating company, QuadReal has expanded its capabilities to invest in equity and debt in both the public and private markets. QuadReal invests directly, via programmatic partnerships and through operating platforms in which it holds an ownership interest.

QuadReal seeks to deliver strong investment returns while creating sustainable environments that bring value to the people and communities it serves. Now and for generations to come.

QuadReal: Excellence lives here.




Being the “go-to,” the “hot spot” and the “first stop” for Westshore families is what we live for at Westshore Town Centre.  We’ve got a rep to protect, and part of that is being proactive in creating a healthy, sustainable community.  Here are just a few ways we are doing our part for the environment:

  • LED lighting initiatives and other energy management practices that increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Enhanced recycling program for tenants to properly dispose of materials such as batteries, electronics, wood, kitchen oils, food scraps and more (even our parking lot sweepings are recycled!)
  • Electronic / appliance and large item disposal is offered to our retailers a few times a year to divert these items to proper recycling depots and out of landfills
  • Garden trimmings are sent out for recycling and returned to us to use as compost
  • Our irrigation is done by drip or underground irrigation with water wise sprinklers that reduce or delay watering during rainy days
  • Our Centre is equipped with heating and cooling systems with updated timers and sensors to ensure your comfort is the most efficient it can be


Eco-consciousness runs in the family.  To learn more about sustainability at all of QuadReal’s properties, including their sustainability performance please visit www.quadreal.com/sustainability/our-progress