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Shop Green

Our precious planet is a hot topic these days and with April being Earth month, it is even more so! I’m always reminded at this time of year to take stock of how I recycle at home and ask myself what more can I do to reduce my waste?

We are lucky here in Victoria where we have access to many different options for sustainable food, clothing, and shopping.  One of my favourite new finds for living a cleaner life is shopping at Bulk Barn.  Their reusable container program is simply brilliant! Bring your own clean container or purchase from a huge selection of theirs in store.  I have hoards of Mason jars at home from all those trendy Pinterest projects that never turned out (shhh don’t tell anyone though!)  so now I fill them with my favourite bulk items from beans, to candy, and spices. As an added bonus they look beautiful lined up on the counter too!  Once you’ve found your own perfect container all you need to do is follow 4 easy steps and you’re on your way to being green.  Don’t forget to bring your reusable shopping bag to carry all your fave sweet (or maybe even healthy!) treats home with too.

Your 4 Easy Peasy Steps to Follow:

  1. Clean: Bring your clean container with you or purchase one of many different styles of Bulk Barn containers. Be sure to check with the cashier to make sure it is okay to use.
  2. Weigh: Ask the cashier to weigh your container. This will ensure you’re not paying for the container’s weight.
  3. Scoop: Find your faves and scoop away!
  4. Pay: Don’t forget to pay for your num nums.


I’ve added a 5th unofficial step: Pat oneself on the back for making a sustainable living choice!

Just try to not eat all the treats before getting home like I do though.