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Travel on Trend

As a mid-30’s millennial, I find myself in a new chapter of life, just like some of you I am certain. But hey, that’s okay, change is good, and we’ll march on to our new stories together! I have officially declared 2018 the year of me and to celebrate, I’m off on some solo and family trips for the first time in a long time.

While digging out luggage from my storage unit to get rolling on packing and organizing, I realize the wheel is broken on my favourite teal suit case boo hoo!  So, number 1 on my travel to-do list is to find some new trendy pieces to get my trip started in style and on trend.

I’m immediately welcomed with a vibrant array of texture, colour and shapes of luggage sets when I arrive at Bentley.  A teal hard shell piece struck me first (since my favourite had to go to luggage heaven!) Inspecting them further, I’m told this particular “Bon Air” case is a hot seller (YES!) and many people choose them for their travels.  And really what’s not to love? Bright colours, stylish looks and TSA lock approved, lightweight and not too bulky.  Perfect, sold!

Now for the fun part, accessories!  Every fashionista’s favourite word. What to pick?! I chose some cute luggage tags, a Celine Dion passport holder, and Kenneth Cole toiletry bags to round out my travel look.  I think I’m fashionably ready as I head off to sunnier skies.



Bon Voyage!   Carlene