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Two Scoops of Heaven!

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream!  It’s that time of year again where the sun begins to warm up, I dust off  my flip flops and sunglasses and make my way to wherever there might be some ice cream.  I am in love with everything ice cream tbh,  I buy it for home, buy it on far away trips, and taste test all the local boutique shops in town. The whole experience of eating a cone is comforting and nostalgic to me and I often reminisce about summer time as a child playing in my back yard while enjoying my treat.

In need of a cool down during my busy work day I head over to one of my favourite Canadian run shops, Purdy’s Chocolatier. If you haven’t already discovered the wonder of Purdy’s ice cream, get there, because as my 10-year-old bestie says, “it is a delight from the magical world!”

Boasting 16 flavours from bubble gum, to triple chocolate, to strawberry and mint, there’s a sure to be the perfect choice to delight your palette. ( I often get 2 scoops of different flavours because I just can’t decide on 1!) Try it as a sundae in a cup, or maybe your style is two scoops in their wonderfully crunchy chocolate dipped waffle cone!? If that doesn’t appeal, then you have to try the Ultimate Bar! It is a cool and creamy vanilla bar dipped in your choice of either white or dark chocolate and then covered in sprinkles or crushed almonds. Who are we kidding, you might need to try all of them this spring and summer!

And in case you needed extra motivation to come in for this amazingly delish treat there’s even an ice cream loyalty card, buy 10  and get a free one!

Meet you there in 10 ….

~ Carlene