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Decluttering Tips & Tricks

January is a great time of year to take stock of what we have in our homes, and a great time to think about the things we want to take into our future, and what we are ready to let go of.  Often, we can look at our belongings (overflowing closet anyone?) and become instantly overwhelmed by the thought of what it might take to go through it all.  We’ve recently been introduced to the magical world of organizational and tidying expert Marie Kondo – best-selling author and star of the Netflix original series “Tidying Up” – and are excited to share with you a little of what we’ve learned!

To begin with, the most unique aspect of Marie Kondo’s approach is the spirituality she brings to the process.  Before getting started on a tidying project, Marie takes a quiet moment to introduce herself to the home.  Kondo’s way of thinking is to invite more positivity into our lives by surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy.  When going through your things, she says to physically hold each item in your hand one by one and ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”  If it does, then keep that item; if not, thank that item for its service, and let it go.

Of course, this is an over-simplified description of Kondo’s philosophy, but it gives you an idea of the thoughtful process you’ll go through as you follow the KonMari Method.

Kondo suggests tidying by category, as opposed to by room.  Begin with clothes, followed by books, papers, miscellaneous things (or komono), and finish with sentimental items such as photos and keepsakes.  To tackle that over-flowing closet (you know, the one that also spills into the guest room closet?) take out every piece of clothing you have and put it all into one pile.  This way you can really see what you have.  Chances are it will be a sobering moment!  Again, go through each piece and ask yourself if it sparks joy in you.  Keep what you love, donate what you don’t.

Once you’ve whittled down your wardrobe to your favourites, what’s the best way to store these items to maximize space and visibility?  In her book, “Spark Joy,” which is a companion to “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Kondo offers visual representation on folding and storage techniques for various items in each category – including those awkward items in the garage and those pesky kitchen drawers!

We at Westshore Town Centre are happy to support you in your decluttering journey, so if you’re inspired, pick up Kondo’s book(s) at Cole’s, grab a latte (or your fave bottle of Pinot Gris) and get to it!  When you’re a little further along in the process, Winners HomeSense is a great resource for beautiful baskets to compartmentalize smaller items, while The Brick can set you up with any bookcases or dressers you might need.  We’ve got you covered!