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Putting the Wind in Your Sails

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cruising?  Grey haired couples in matching white pants and golf hats playing shuffle board?  Captain Stubing and the Love Boat?  When I think of cruising, I think of variety, adventure and convenience.  It’s is a great way to explore several amazing places, enjoy in lots of great food and fancy cocktails, experience world-class entertainment… and you only have to unpack once!

Chances are you have some preconceived notions about cruising and my bet that these thoughts are keeping you from coming aboard and setting sail.  This blog post was written especially for you to dispel some of the top myths and stories that may keep you from cruising.  Let’s get started!


Myth #1 – Cruises are for old people

Cruising has long had a reputation for being something that only seniors do.  I say poppycock!  Every cruise I have been on has had a variety of age groups onboard.  The activities aboard a cruise ship actually change daily with the demographic of passengers in mind.  If the quiz night doesn’t interest you, maybe the Abba themed dance party will, or karaoke, or the comedian performing in the theatre, or the wine tasting, or the string quartet in the lounge, or the art gallery, or the gym, or the hot tub, or the shops, or something else.


Myth #2 – I can’t bring the kids, there’s nothing for them to do

Most cruise lines have free kid’s clubs for children over the age of three (some Carnival ships will take kids even younger than that), allowing parents to take in a show, or a romantic dinner for two – or both!  The kids won’t miss you either, those clubs have activities galore to keep your littles entertained and get them tired out for when you finally decide to call it a night.


Myth #3 – the food is awful on cruise ships

My opinion on this is that the sheer amount of food on a cruise ship tells me that there will be something that you will like.  Even the pickiest of eaters (read: my boyfriend) will find plenty of options for food on a cruise ship at pretty much any time of the day.  Generally, on most ships you’ll have the option of eating in the main dining room, snack bars, specialty restaurants like the chef’s table, steak house or seafood fare (these a la carte dining options may cost extra) and the buffet, which is probably the best place to go for vegetarian options, gluten free and low carb, if you’re into that type of thing.


Myth #4 – cruise ships are a germ factory and I’m for sure going to catch norovirus or worse

What’s interesting about this myth is that health officials track illnesses on cruise ships, and according to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the numbers of cases of gastrointestinal illnesses on cruise ships are actually very low.  You’ll find hand sanitizer all over the place on cruise ships, and personally, I’m a big fan of washing my hands anytime I am anywhere near a sink and soap.


Cruising is awesome.  But don’t take my word for it!  Whether you’re looking for a party atmosphere, a fun family environment or something more cozy and romantic, you’ve got choices.  Contact the Expert Travelers at Flight Centre and they can help you organize an itinerary to places that are on your bucket list, on a ship that ticks all the boxes on your must-have list.

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