Westshore Blog

Heart the Planet

In honour of Earth Day , we’d like to pour some extra love into our planet today!  We’ve curated a list of 10 things we can do to up our eco-friendliness that can be easily incorporated into our everyday lives!


  1. Use less water (one great way is to take less baths)
  2. Turn off your computer at night (instead of leaving it in stand by mode)
  3. Stop using a coffee stirrer (putting the cream and sugar in first helps!)
  4. Bring your own containers when you can (like Bulk Barn!)
  5. Go meat free at least one day per week
  6. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient, LED ones
  7. Buy your big-ticket items (car, furniture) second hand
  8. Sign up for paperless billing
  9. Buy local where you can
  10. Grown your own vegetables (Low on space? Try vines like cucumbers or zucchini in a hanging basket on your patio!)


We all recycle and separate our food scraps, but we can do more!  And when we each do a little bit, it adds up to big change.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Westshore Town Centre!