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Bra Fitting 101


I do not know a single person who enjoys bra shopping.  Not.  One.  Unfortunately, bra shopping is one of those things that we need to do, and like a beautiful wine, or a pair of jeans, when we find just the right one, it’s glorious.


Our friends at La Vie en Rose are here to help us with some basic fitting tips that will help ease the process somewhat.  The more you know going into a situation, the better off you are, right?  Let’s get started.


Let’s talk about fit

The torso band should not be too tight on the sides.  It should sit straight and should not ride up your back.  Your straps should stay in place, be straight, and not dig into your shoulders.  The cup size should be just big enough to contain and support the entire bust – no gaps!


Ch-ch-ch changes

Even if it seems the same, bust size changes over time.  As such, it is recommended to take your measurements on a regular basis.  Visit a la Vie en Rose store and talk to one of their bra specialists.


Nothing lasts forever

Over time, even the best bras lose their elasticity.  It is recommended to replace your favourites every 6 to 12 months, depending on how often you wear them.


Take good care

Extend the life of your bras by alternating between your three favourites.  When you wear one, wash the second (by hand, preferably), and air out the third.


Stay the course

The search for the perfect bra can require a lot of trial and error.  Don’t get discouraged!  The sizes vary according to the brand and the styles.  You’ll be rewarded with the perfect level of comfort and support, which will make it well worth the effort.


Thank you to our friends the Bra Experts at La Vie en Rose and lavieenrose.com for this valuable information!