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Who’s your Daddy?

Father’s Day is June 16th this year, have you picked up the perfect gift yet?

Not to worry!  Your friends at Westshore Town Centre have got you covered.  We’ve curated a list of just a few fantastic gift ideas for all types of dads.


Outdoorsy Dad

Get yourself to Atmosphere.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just get into Atmosphere and you’ll find something for Ourdoorsy Dad.  Camping equipment (the BioLite stove is a must – trust me!), hiking gear, outerwear, kayaks, paddle boards, and more and more and more.  If dad likes to be outside them Atmosphere will have what he loves.

Sports-Loving Dad

Sports-Loving Dad may not be quite the same as Sporty Dad.  More like an armchair quarterback, if you know what we mean.  Dress dad in all his favourite sports team’s gear at Out Of Bounds Sports.  The sports fan experts at OOB will help you hook dad up with everything he needs from every sport –  NFL, NHL, CFL, MLB and NBA team jerseys, hats, t-shirts, autographs, memorabilia and more.

Foodie Dad

Does dad cook?  Is he a grilling machine?  Head to HomeSense to check out the unique seasoning and BBQ gift sets, new BBQ accessories and more.  Next, hit up Coles to find a few fun cook books that’ll tempt dad’s taste buds.  Ask about “Thug Kitchen”, or “Jaime Oliver’s 5 Ingredients.”

Trendy Dad

Trendy Dad might want the latest Silver jeans from Bootlegger, the newest Nike’s from Best Sneakers, or a few key pieces from Moore’s.  Can’t decide?  A gift card from dad’s go-to store(s) will make things easier.  Find just the perfect Father’s Day card at Carlton Cards that expresses the sentiment you want to share, and you’ll be all set.

The Dad Who Needs a Break

Dads work hard.  We know this.  They’re helping to bring home the bacon, they mow the lawn, take out the garbage, change the light bulbs and help keep the house in order.  Sometimes dad just needs to park himself in an easy chair, throw on Netflix and enjoy a frosty beverage.  If dad likes to try different craft beers, have a browse through the summer variety packs offered at the Signature BC Liquor store.  Pop a big ‘ol bow on it and you’ll be dad’s hero.


Whatever type of dad you have, be sure to give him a big hug on June 16th, and tell him how much you appreciate all he does for you and the family.  Your time and attention will be the best gift he could get.