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Denim Served on a Silver Platter

You have them, you love them, and now’s your chance to get to know Silver Jeans a little better – and enter to win a free pair!

Since launching unisex jean, Silver “Frisco” in 1991, Silver – a Canadian company – has expanded their denim collection to include a variety of fits for every body.  Straight, curvy, tall, short, slim or somewhere in between, their men’s and women’s lines are created for real bodies, of all shapes and sizes.  With an emphasis on quality, Silver jeans are crafted with sustainability in mind.  While other jeans you own might end up in a landfill, your Silvers will live in your drawer for years to come.

Want a pair (or two)?

On Saturday, August 10, get yourself to Bootlegger at Westshore Town Centre for Silver Saturday!  This one-day Silver party comes with exclusive discounts on Silver jeans, giveaways, and a chance to win a pair!

“Our customers love Silvers, and so do our staff!” says Liz, Manager of the Westshore Town Centre Bootlegger.  “We’re all really excited about all the new styles, fits and shades.  We can’t wait to share Silver with everybody on Saturday, August 10!”

You won’t find this promo happening at any other Bootlegger on Vancouver Island, and it’s only for one day – so make sure you don’t miss out!





Special thanks to silverjeans.com