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Fall into September


Fall is just around the corner and we are here for it.  Bring on the boots, new denim and pumpkin spice lattes!

To mark the occasion, we’ve updated our Incredible Home closet display to celebrate all things jewel-toned.  Everything in our closet can be purchased right here at Westshore Town Centre!  If you’ve seen our display (it’s between Out of Bounds Sports and Suzanne’s, near the play area), and you’re dying to find something you saw in the closet, our item guide is below.

Huge shout out to our friends at Incredible Home, for loaning us this amazing custom closet – to contact them to see how your closet can look this amazing, visit their website at incrediblehome.ca or call 250-381-6511.  Psst – they do kitchens too!

Did you see our August closet?  Click here to see it again!


Our display items are listed here from left to right, from top to bottom:

Panel One:

Burgundy top – Marks
Emerald top – Northern Reflections
Marigold top – Northern Reflections

Marigold sweater – Ardene
Burgundy sweater – Ardene
Candle – HomeSense

Emerald Purse – Ricki’s

Burgundy pants – Reitmans
Burgundy pants – Marks
Emerald pants – Ricki’s
Navy pants – Gap Factory Store
Navy pants – Nygard

Plaid boots – Winners
Marigold heels – Ardene
Navy ballet flats – Ardene
Marigold open-toe – Ardene
Navy slippers – Marks
Burgundy boots – Ardene


Panel Two:

Navy blazer – Gap Factory Store
Burgundy top – Reitmans
Burgundy floral top – Reitmans
Emerald top – Ricki’s
Emerald blouse – Ricki’s
Marigold blouse – Nygard

BCBG make-up bag – Winners
Tommy Hilfiger clutch – Winners
Burgundy BCBG clutch – Winners
Burgundy wallet – Ardene
Marigold wallet – Ardene
Marigold purse – Ardene

Navy top – Marks
Burgundy top – Nygard
Burgundy sweater – Ricki’s
Emerald sweater – Ricki’s
Marigold sweater – Ricki’s
Patterned jacket – Winners


Panel Three:

Marigold purse – Ardene
Golden yoga statue – HomeSense
Storage box – HomeSense

Books – Coles
Candle – HomeSense
Frame – HomeSense

Frame – HomeSense
Burgundy purse – Winners

Sunflower vase – HomeSense
Frame – HomeSense

Marigold throw – Winners


Panel Four:

Family pillow – Winners

Burgundy bag – Marks

Scarf – Reitmans
Burgundy sweater – Marks
Marigold coat – Winners
Marigold sweater – Reitmans
Navy BCBG coat – Winners
Navy sweater – Reitmans

Burgundy bag – Bentley

White dish – HomeSense
Macaroons – HomeSense
Mug – HomeSense
Book – Coles
Navy footstool – Winners

Art – HomeSense