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Spilling the Tea… on Bubble Tea

Something fresh, new and delicious has opened at Westshore Town Centre!  Shake It Bubble Tea and Fresh Juice is now open in their newly renovated and beautiful space located outside between Fairway Market and Orangetheory Fitness.  We took some time to chat with our new friends at Shake It, and are so pleased to share just a little of our conversation here for you:


Q:  Welcome to Westshore Town Centre!  We’re thrilled to have you here.  What made you decide to open a bubble tea shop in our neighbourhood?

A:  Langford is a growing and energetic community, and we thought it’s the perfect time for our neighborhood to meet Shake It Bubble Tea and Fresh Juice.  Shake It brews fresh tea infused with milk and fruit to make the best bubble tea drink in town!


Q:  Tell us a little about the history of Shake It Bubble Tea and Fresh Juice, do you have any other stores?

A:  After a year of selecting ingredients and testing recipes of more than 30 kinds of drinks, our team decided to open our first store at Westshore Town Centre.  As the first store, we are so delighted that we have a great location to offer our customers a pleasant escape from daily stresses through cozy ambiance, friendly customer service, and consistently high-quality product.  Whether you are a bubble tea fan, or you have no idea of what bubble tea is, we are confident that Shake It will surprise you.


Q:  What types of products do you sell?

A:  What Shake It wants to share with our customers is the creative and fabulous tea beverages.  We select high-quality tea as the base, and season it with natural sugar, bringing a refreshing and rich taste.  Our products include milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt drink, slush, and other drinks.  All the recipes we use have been relentlessly tested and perfected.  Our top three favourites we’d love for people to try are:

  1. Bubble Tea with Pudding & Grass Jelly:  Creamy Assam milk tea, Chewy tapioca pearl, Sweet pudding, Refreshing grass jelly.  It’s a fantastic combination of our favorite toppings.
  2. Lemon Lover:  Squeezed whole lemon, Seasoned jasmine green tea.  Love lemons?  Get a Lemon Lover.
  3. Brown Sugar Tapioca with Milk:  Our tapioca is cooked to perfect chewiness and soaked up with brown sugar.  You always get a beautiful marble texture and rich flavor!


Q:  Is there anything else you’d like our Westshore Town Centre shoppers to know about Shake It?

A:  Every great drink starts with great base.  That’s why we start with fresh tea.  At the beginning of everyday operation, we brew our lovely tea because we know freshly brewed tea is just about the best thing there is!  We prepare Assam black tea, Jasmine green tea, and Hojicha roasted green tea fresh every three hours.  We believe bubble teas are more than something you drink, they’re a promise you make to your mouth.  Each drink we shake, we strive to make the best.

In addition to providing creative and fabulous tea beverages to bubble tea fans, we are dedicated to exploring more possibilities for making tea drinking become a style, a way of life!  So, come and enjoy your bubble tea break!