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Toys Will be Toys


As the holidays are fast approaching, parents (and aunties, and uncles, and grandparents and the like) are all on the hunt for that perfect gift.

What’s trendy?
What is it that all the kids want this year?

Beyond the usual L.O.L. Surprise dolls, LEGO and Marvel merch, the folks at Mattel have stepped way out of the “toy” box and have recently released a new line of dolls that we predict will adorn the base of many Christmas trees this year.  Enter:  Creatable World, where everyone is welcome.


Mattel describes their Creatable World line as “designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in—giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again.

As a hot toy of the season, you can find Creatable World on the Mastermind Toys 2019 Gift Guide list:  “Creatable World™ inspires all kids to get creative with doll play.  Deluxe Character Kits provide a blank canvas along with the pieces to create unique characters, over and over again!  The 11-inch doll wears a tank and shorts, has a short haircut and comes with six items of clothing, three pairs of shoes, two additional accessories and a long-haired wig – all versatile pieces that give kids the freedom to make their characters whoever they want them to be.  The clothing is straight off the playground, and authentic details keep it even more real.  The wig is easy to take on and off – kids can switch long hair for short hair, then back again.  Add a skirt, pants or use both.  Accessorize…or don’t.  Creatable World™ doll kits give all kids the ability to make and remake characters they love. With so many choices, the fun is never-ending!”


Creative World dolls can be found at Mastermind Toys, ask in-store about the different styles available.