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Handle With Care


July 24, 2020 is International Self Care Day and it’s come just in time.  We know you’ve all heard the story about why we are told to put our own face-masks on in the event of a emergency on an airplane, and it’s true that unless we fill our own cups first, we are less able to take care of the needs of others.  This year has been one of twists and turns and uncertainty and worry, and we believe that shining a spotlight on acts of self care is more important than ever.

Whether the practice of self care is something you do regularly or not, know that the best benefits will come from a practice that is deliberate and with an active intent to maintain your health, happiness and well-being.  That said, we are busy parents and due to a certain global pandemic going on around us we are even lower on time, energy and resources than usual.  Let’s explore a few options for acts self care that don’t necessarily take a lot of time or money.


Sit in the sunshine.  The direct contact of sunshine on your skin allows your body to produce Vitamin D, which has been shown to assist in regulating mood and fighting off depression.  Plus, the warmth can feel like a nice hug from the universe 🙂  Vitamin D can also be ingested in pill or liquid form.  Disclaimers:  wear sunscreen to limit UV exposure, and speak to your doctor before adding a new supplement to your nutrition routine.

Go for a walk.  It’s common knowledge that regular exercise is good for our health – not only for our physical health but our mental health as well.  When your heart rate increases, endorphins are released sending signals to your brain that trigger a positive feeling in your body.  If you can’t get to the gym on a regular basis, getting outside for a walk a few times a week is the next best thing.

Drink tea.  Aside from the fact that chamomile tea has been shown to ease anxiety and irritability, there’s just something about cradling a hot cup of tea that is instantly relaxing.

Eat a little dark chocolate.  Seriously!  An article in Psychology Today states that flavanol, which dark chocolate is rich in, can help in regulating your mood.  It helps alleviate depression and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which means that it is good for your brain.  We recommend taking a square or two to a quiet spot in your house (if possible), and take your time enjoying it.  There’s a great mindfulness exercise with chocolate that we’ve written about in the past, click here to read more.


We’re sure you have many other ways that you practice self care on the daily, why not share with us on social?

To your good health,
the Team at Westshore Town Centre