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Berry Good Hair Day


As part of our online, month-long foodie event, and our Tuesday “Snackable Self-Care” series, we’re talking to a variety of WTC health and beauty experts this month to gather all the delish details on topics such as this one:  how incorporating certain types of foods into your diet can give you the luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of!

Please give a warm welcome to our first guest blogger – Sarah S. from Chatters Salon!  


One question we get at Chatters salon almost daily is, “what can I do to make my hair healthier and longer?”  Your hair health and growth is dependent on factors such as age, genetics, diet and hair products (like shampoo and conditioner) used.  While you may not be able to control things like age or genetics, diet you can.  Eating a healthy diet with the right nutrients can be the key to healthy, long, and luscious hair.

Here we list some of the top foods to include in your diet for the hair of your dreams!

A great source of biotin and protein, eggs are excellent to add to your diet for your hair.  Biotin and protein can promote hair growth and overall hair health.  Hair follicles are made of mostly protein, so if your diet is deficient in protein you may experience hair loss.  Biotin is necessary for the production of keratin, an important hair protein for healthy hair.  Selenium and zinc are also found in eggs, making them one of the best foods to consume for overall hair health.

Berries and Citrus Fruits
Berries and citrus fruits are a huge source of vitamin C which has strong antioxidant properties.  Antioxidants are known for preventing damage from something called free radicals which are harmful molecules.  Vitamin C is also vital for your body producing collagen, which is another protein that helps strength your hair.

Folate, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A are all nutrients found in spinach making it a powerhouse for your hair and its growth.  Iron deficiencies are known to cause hair loss, so it is a great food to include in your diet, especially if you are plant-based. Just one cup of spinach a day meets 54% of your daily iron needs.

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts are a host to many necessary nutrients for healthy and growing hair such as vitamin E, a wide variety of B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids.  If you are deficient in any of those listed nutrients you may experience hair loss.  Just one ounce of almonds contains almost half your daily vitamin E intake needs.  They are an easy and healthy snack to add to your diet, especially in combination with other mentioned foods here.

Spirulina is a natural algae that is incredibly high in protein (at least 60% of spirulina is protein) and nutrients that can benefit your hair.  It is consumed as a food, or more popularly as a supplement in tablet, powder, and flake form.  Spirulina contains amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and beta-carotene, all of which are extremely beneficial for overall hair health and hair growth.


As mentioned above, Vitamin C is vital for healthy and strong hair.  One of our favourite Canadian brands, AG, has reformulated their Repair line with a focus on vitamin C for that exact reason. This revamped line is 100% vegan with plant based keratin and squalene to help counteract damage and breakage.  The full repair line contains shampoo, conditioner, a mask, a repair serum and a dry oil spray.

Pop into Chatters Salon to speak to the hair-care experts on which other products can help you to achieve your ultimate hair goals.