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Venturing into the world of Smart appliances might seem intimidating, but if you can find an expert, you can get all the information you need to make an education decision on whether these high-tech wonders are a good fit for your family’s needs.  It’s a good thing that we at Westshore Town Centre know the experts!  We chatted with James at The Brick to learn about the different features, advantages and benefits of Smart appliances, and here’s what we learned:

1.  Brand Matters:  Even though many brands offer Smart options in their appliance lines, Samsung is the furthest ahead in the game with features and tech.  You can keep this in mind when you are shopping for your next set of appliances, because you may find that the feature you fall most in love with (such as being able to connect with your Samsung TV) may not be available on all brands.

2.  Features:  If we listed all of the features available on these appliance you likely wouldn’t make it to the end of this blog post.  There are a LOT.  A couple of our faves come on the Smart fridges.  Check this out:  When you bring your groceries home from Fairway Market, you can enter what you purchased into the fridge’s “tablet.”  The fridge will let you know when your items are getting close to their best-by dates and by connecting with allrecipes.com, your fridge will suggest which meals to make based on what needs to be used up first.  This feature was designed to help reduce food waste, and we think it’s pretty cool.

3.  Advantages:  One of the main advantages of Smart appliances is the energy saving that comes along with the technology.  If you purchase the split-level stove, for example, you can choose to use the smaller, top level to cook or bake smaller things like muffins or a sheet-pan dish.  Using the smaller space uses less power.  If you need to whole space to roast a turkey, simply remove the centre piece to access the entire expanse of the oven.

4.  Benefits:  Beyond energy savings, safety is a huge benefit of Smart appliances.  Because they all communicate with each other, your cell phone will receive an alert immediately if there is a problem, like a burner left on too long on your stove or a malfunction with your washer (or if you forgot to move your laundry from the washer to the dryer).


This brief overview has only offered a glimpse into the world of Smart appliances and some of the amazing things they can do to make your life easier (we didn’t even mention the digital family calendar that can sync real-time to your phone!).  The Brick has a wide variety of Smart and non-Smart appliances to choose from, and the professional staff are happy to answer all of your questions to make sure that you get the best item to suit your needs.


Note:  If you’re interested in upgrading your appliance to a commercial-grade brand, you can do that through the Brick’s Commercial Division.  Just go into the Westshore Town Centre location of The Brick and ask for James, he’ll take great care of you.


Image credit:  samsung.com