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It’s Time to Pamper Papa Bear


Spa days aren’t just for mom anymore. Treat dad to some he time with a mini getaway and grooming session this Father’s Day. Need a little convincing? We’ve put together the top reasons you should get dad out of the man cave and into Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop.

Get a professional haircut:  While cutting our own bangs or giving dad a quick little trim might seem like a good idea, it’s no replacement for a proper barbershop haircut. Beyond being relaxing (and ensuring we don’t have to clean globs of hair out of the sink), a professional hairdresser will make sure dad gets the best haircut to suit his hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Plus, they can make recommendations on the best shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to use, too!


Get a professional shave:  If dad’s rocking some facial hair, a bushy beard, a suave mustache, or even a smooth bare face, treat him to a professional shave. A professional has a better arsenal of tools to use for the job compared to most at-home razors or clippers which is not only better for the hair but better for the skin too and reduces the risk of knicks and cuts. Trimming your own facial hair can also require a lot of head-turning, tilting, and guesswork to make sure things are even and straight. A professional has a better view of dad’s facial hair when he’s in the chair and can make sure no matter the style, it’s neat, tidy, and oh so handsome.


Treat dad to some new products:  Beard oils? Styling wax? New shampoo? Why not?! Beyond smelling great, professional hair and styling products tend to use higher end ingredients and can often be more concentrated when compared to their drugstore counterparts, meaning it takes less product to achieve the same result.  Consult with the pros—like a hairdresser, stylist, or aesthetician—to pick the best products for dad’s specific hair and skin type.


Give dad, and other male role models, the gift of alone time, pampering time, and quality time this Father’s Day.  Refresh, relax, and remember—we couldn’t do it without you, dads!