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Travel Time Tips

With BC moving into the next phase of its reopening plan, travel options are beginning to increase.  What better way to explore beautiful British Columbia than camping!  Before you pitch your tent and unroll your sleeping bag, we’ve put together a list of great camping tips, tricks, and hacks to help you have a great getaway, no matter how far you decide to venture.  Visit your friends at Atmosphere / Sport Chek to pick up everything you need for a fabulous vacay.

Meal prep at home:  Camping cuisine is a far stretch from fine dining. But there’s plenty of ways to speed up your meal prep, cut back on dishes, and make your outdoor cooking even easier. Love pancakes? Mix them up ahead of time in a Ziplock bag and store in the cooler. When it’s time to grill simply cut the corner of the bag and squeeze out the batter. Then throw out the Ziplock for easy clean up! Ready for dessert? Grab a waffle cone and load it up with marshmallows and chocolate chips then seal it in foil. Roast it over your campfire for a fun (and delicious!) spin on smores.

Save your recyclables:  Toilet paper rolls? Vitamin bottles? Dryer lint? Before you sort your recycling or take out the trash, keep your eyes peeled for handy camping items. Turn your toilet paper or paper towel rolls and dryer lint into an easy do-it-yourself fire starter. Simply clean out your dryer lint and stuff a toilet paper roll full to get your campfire cooking. Need a compact and waterproof first aid kit? Keep your essentials like bandaids and alcohol swabs in an old vitamin or prescription bottle. Not only does this compact little kit stay dry, but it’s easy to carry in your pocket on a hike or paddle, too! Be sure to keep a full-sized kit handy in your tent, trailer, or truck so that you’re well stocked for whatever happens on your outdoor adventure.

Light it up:  With no streetlights, electronic screens, or headlights of traffic passing by it can be dark when camping. Like, really dark. Wherever you set up camp, be sure to grab some outdoor lights to ensure your space is safe and you won’t stub your toe or stumble over your sleeping bag. Looking for a way to illuminate the tent and entertain the kids? Try glow sticks as a fun alternative. Or, invest in a head light. In addition to making a fashion statement, head lights are a hands-free alternative to carrying a lantern or flashlight so you’re free to hold on to more important things, like snacks or a cold drink.

Don’t forget Fido:  If you’re camping or taking your furry friend on an outdoor day trip, be sure to pack their essentials, too. Make sure your four-legged companion is wearing a collar with your contact info (in case you get separated in an unfamiliar area) and bring a portable water dish to keep your pup hydrated in the heat. When the weather gets really hot, be sure to check the temperature of sidewalks or trails. If it’s too hot to hold the back of your hand on it, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws, which can burn on long walks in hot weather.

Whether you’re headed up into the mountains, down by the lake, or no further than your backyard, stay safe and have fun.  And don’t forget why it’s called beautiful British Columbia.