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Have Luggage, Will Travel


As travel restrictions begin to ease, it’s a great time to start considering where your next getaway may be. Whether you’re headed near or far, one thing is for sure: you need luggage.

Gone are the days of clunky suitcases with boring designs and wheels that never seem to work together. Today, luggage comes in a variety of cool colours and prints, sleek designs, and can weigh as little as just a few pounds! But how do you pick?!

Suitcases come in two main varieties—hard and soft shell—each with their own pros and cons. Hard shell suitcases are typically made from polycarbonate and unlike their softer counterparts, come in a larger selection of colours and patterns, making them easier to spot at baggage claim. While they’re generally not categorized as waterproof, they are classified as water resistant, which is a nice bonus for winter travel and inclement weather. Hard shell baggage is also more durable, providing an extra level of protection if you’re traveling with anything fragile or bringing home treasured souvenirs.

Soft shell suitcases, however, have a little extra give meaning with just the right touch, they’ll fit more easily into storage bins and those pesky overhead compartments. In addition, these suitcases typically have outer pockets which is great for extra packing room, last minute additions, or simply tucking away that extra sweater you thought you needed.

And then there’s carry-ons: backpacks, duffles, totes—oh my! Depending on the nature of your travel, how compact you pack, and how long you’re going for, a carry-on bag may be all you need. Consider things like how heavy it is, how you’ll be carrying it (cross-body, under one arm?), and opportunities to use your carry-on outside of travel. If your packing list includes a laptop or tablet, look for bags with a pocket or sleeve built in to keep you tech safe, secure, and easily accessible in case of a travel delay.


No matter where you’re heading, invest in luggage and suitcases that are functional, practical, and can be brought with you on a train, plane, or automobile.  Visit the team at Bentley before you go!