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Make BTS Better

September always means one thing: it’s time to go back to school. But getting back into the swing of classes, homework, and extra curriculars doesn’t have to be stressful. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be running fashionably on time and ready to rule the school.

Pick out your outfit – What to wear can be a struggle at any age, from tots to teens. Save the morning drama and fashion show for another time and decide on an outfit the night before. Not only does it save time, but it also skips the heartbreak of finding out your favourite sweater is in the wash, or your jeans are a few inches too short since that last growth spurt. And be sure to check the forecast, too, to make sure your sense of style isn’t competing with Mother Nature’s plans. Pick up all their favourite styles (at prices you agree with) at Ardene, Boathouse, Gap Factory Store (pictured below), Carter’s / OshKosh, Marks and Winners.

Prep your lunch – Meal prepping is all over social media and we can see why. Making lunch the night before makes your morning routine simple, keeps your lunch balanced and healthy, and can even be more cost-effective than hitting the cafeteria. Invest in cute containers and a refillable water bottle to make your little one’s lunch eco-friendly, and delicious. But don’t forget to label them to avoid classroom mix-ups or sibling rivalries.  Find durable reusable water bottles at Atmosphere / Sport Chek.

Pack your bag – Back to school is a busy time and we know that can mean going right from school to daycare, sports, art classes, or other events. Check your schedule ahead of time and pack your bag according to plan. Remember to empty your bag out every day, too, to avoid finding smooshed sandwiches, bruised bananas, and ripe PE strip.  Bentley is the perfect place to hit up for the perfect backpack, lunch kits, pencil cases and more.


Start your September off right and plan, play, and prepare for a great year ahead.  We’ll help make it easier with a one-stop-shop.