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Pick Your Protein

Protein. It’s an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. But when it comes to things like protein powders and shakes, it’s crucial to know what your options are so you can find the right choice to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Protein comes from a variety of different sources but some of the most common are whey, soy, pea, and hemp. Each variety offers unique nutritional benefits so be sure to read the label and consider what your health and wellness goals are. Are you trying to gain muscle? Lose weight? Add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet? Matching the protein source to your goals ensures your body gets the fuel it needs to achieve anything.

If you’re looking for convenience on the go, consider shakes that are already made. Just twist the top, sip, and enjoy. These are a great option for busy mornings, long workdays, and hectic schedules, so that you still get a balanced and yummy shake while you’re on the move.

Tried protein but can’t conquer the taste? Look for recipes where you can incorporate protein powder in something other than a shake. Try adding it to fruit and yogurt to make a bright breakfast parfait or sneak it into a healthy muffin or cookie recipe for a sweet but satisfying treat.

And when in doubt, ask the experts! Consult with a knowledgeable specialist in-store at GNC for a personalized recommendation from the pros.