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School’s Out for Spring Break

It’s that time of year—spring break. While it’s a signal that more daylight, warmer weather, and summer fun is right around the corner, it can also be challenging trying to plan family-friendly activities and entertain your littles. We’ve put together a few fun, budget-friendly spring break suggestions to keep your little ones busy without breaking the bank.


Build up your at-home library

Ditch the screens and make time to read. No matter what your young reader is into, Coles has something on the subject. Get lost in an exciting adventure book, read up on Canadian heroes and famous figures with the latest autobiographies, or pick up a cool reference book to dive into hobbies new and old.


Free your inner Picasso

Draw, paint, sculpt, colour, build, and blend. Whatever your craft, spring break is a great time to let your inner artiste run wild. Load up on all your favourite supplies at Dollarama and then get as creative as can be. Worried about a mess? Pick up a few disposable tablecloths to protect your table or counters, or, take your art exploration outside, weather-permitting.


Get that body moving

Spring is in the air and there’s nowhere you feel it more than in the great outdoors. Make time for nature walks, outdoor scavenger hunts, bike rides, yard games, and more. Nothing energizes you more than a breath of fresh air and a few minutes of sunlight so be sure to capture it while you can. Outdoor wardrobe looking a little small? Not quite as cute as when you packed it away last year? Swing by Atmosphere and then hit the great outdoors.


Treat yourself

Who doesn’t love a project that you get to eat when it’s done? Get your kiddos in the kitchen and try your hand at a favourite recipe or experiment with a new one. Not only can cooking and baking be a great collaborative activity, it also boasts a potentially delicious reward. Stock up on pantry essentials at Bulk Barn, adjust your chef hat, and enjoy.


However you spend your break we hope you stay safe, have fun, and make memories to last!