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Celebrate National Pet Day

It’s national pet day! While we love our furry friends, reptile buddies, and underwater pals every day, April 11 is dedicated to pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Take a few minutes to not only show your family pet some love, but to treat them, too.

We all love a good treat but not everything we love as humans is good for our pet pals and while sharing is caring, this might be a time where it’s okay to be selfish with whatever is on your plate. Instead, swing by Bosley’s and pick up something you know you can safely give your animal friends without fear of upset tummies and unsettling vet bills as a result. When you get home, be sure to change and top off the water in your pet’s dish too, to ensure its fresh and never running low.

Love a little pampering? So do your pets. Treat them to a professional grooming session or invest in a new brush to help maintain a healthy coat and reduce the risk of matting in long-haired animals.

Get moving. While it can be hard to walk a fish or lizard, most pet companions need plenty of regular exercise and time outdoors. Take your furry friend to the park, the beach, on a long walk, play fetch, and break out the toys for Fido and Fluffy to get them on their feet—no matter how many they have.

However you spend the day, show your pet pals extra love and remember, time spent with animals is never wasted.