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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring has officially sprung. While the weather may leave little to be desired still, the days are in fact getting longer and the thermostat is slowly (sometimes very slowly) starting to rise. Now’s the perfect time to start planting, prepping your garden and getting your green thumb ready for a new growing season. Keep reading for a few gardening must haves and tips and tricks to help you and your plants bloom fully this spring.


You can plant indoors

Fresh air, sunlight, and time spent outdoors are important factors for plants (and people!) but if you’re limited for space or your living arrangement doesn’t accommodate for outdoor planting, try indoor plants instead. Keep them in a windowsill to capture sunlight when possible or choose shade-friendly options that don’t require as much light. Love a steaming hot shower or long bath? That’s the perfect environment for a tropical plant and an easy way to add a fresh pop of colour to your bathroom. Stop by Winners and Home Sense to pick up a new ceramic pot or plant box and let your garden grow wild.


Turn to technology

Not sure if you’re looking at a seedling or a weed? You’re not alone and there’s an app for that. Check the Apple or Android App store for gardening apps that can help you identify what’s popped up in your planters and offer tips and tricks for overall plant health. Always forgetting to water? Set a reminder on your phone and avoid wilted thirsty plants once and for all.


Look for pet-friendly options

Have furry friends in your life? Make sure you choose plants that are safe in case fluffy or fido take a nibble. Skip things like lilies, branching ivy, oleander, tulips, and cyclamen and keep your four-legged friends safe while they explore outdoors. Instead, choose things like spider plants, African violets, orchids, and herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme. Bosley’s can help you find just what you need for your pets and save you an expensive vet bill and destroyed garden, too.


Still can’t seem to make anything in the garden but a mess? Faux flowers and plants are always in bloom and thrive in any conditions—and we promise we won’t tell anyone.