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We Love You, Mamas


Who runs the world? Moms. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, your mother-in-law, grandma, or just a strong woman in your life, make the time to show the lovely ladies that matter just how much you love them.

Planning a night out for mom? Book some time for a hair refresh at Chatters or a mani-pedi combo at Elegance Nails. Treat Mom to some well-deserved me time and professional salon products she can use at home to look and feel beautiful inside and out. Head to a movie at Cineplex and make sure to stop and snap a selfie to capture the moment. And be sure to splurge for butter on the popcorn—mom deserves it.

Opting for a night in? Create a quiet space for mom to relax. Metchosin Soap Works offers a selection of soaps and bath products made locally that will take you away with their aromas and gentle ingredients. And what’s a bath without wine? The Signature BC Liquor Store can help you find the perfect bottle of red, white, or bubbly to take relaxation to the next level.

Can’t seem to find just the right gift? Not sure what exactly Mom would like? Give her exactly what she wants with a gift card to her fave Westshore Town Centre shops—the gift that’s always in style.

No matter who you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day or how you choose to do it, remember, you wouldn’t be here without a little help from your mom.