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Camping Season Starts Now

Camping season is here, despite what the five-day forecast might have in store. But a little drizzle (or, the occasional downpour) never stopped a real camper. So load up the cooler, pack the car, and get ready to make this year the best camping season ever.


Where should you go camping?

Choosing a spot is arguably the most important part of camping. Before you book a campsite there’s a few things you’ll want to consider: what amenities do you want or need? What activities are close by, like hiking trails, lakes, or playgrounds? Are you going to be off-grid? What are the roads like in the area and can your vehicle handle it? Familiarizing yourself with the location ensures you’re prepared for the trip and pack what you need for a fun getaway. No matter where you head off to, make sure you let someone who isn’t tagging along know where you’re going and when you plan to return—safety first.


What should you bring with you?

Repeat after us: snacks. Camping snacks are legendary and let’s face it, just about everything tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors or grilled over and open flame (s’mores, anyone?). But beyond loading up a cooler and making sure you’re prepared for a bad case of the munchies, be sure to pack weather-appropriate gear, like tarps and warm sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, or colourful glowsticks to help you see when the sun goes down, and multipurpose tools that can be used for more than one task and don’t take up too much space. Visit Atmosphere before you head out to check out all the latest camping goodies and gadgets and learn more about what you need to make the most of your trip.


How should you spend your time?

Your camping trip is all about what you want and what helps you feel refreshed and recharged. Sleep late or watch the sun rise; sit and read or get your 10,000 steps in; enjoy the quiet or get lost in a long conversation. Put your phone somewhere safe and embrace your offline time with card games or activity books like sodoku or crosswords (pop into Dollarama to grab some), release tension and stretch with some outdoor yoga, and take a deep breath of fresh air.


Hit the road, have fun, stay safe, and camp like a pro all summer long.