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School’s (Almost) Out For Summer

It’s almost that time! As the school year wraps up, adults and kids alike are turning their attention to summer vacation. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed on how to entertain your young ones, don’t stress. We’ve put together a few simple ideas to make this summer stress-free and oh so fun.


For the tots

Cool down and make a splash with an environmentally-friendly water fight. Skip the water balloons that are a pain to fill and tie and leave bits and pieces of broken balloon over the yard and make your own sustainable version. Swing by Dollarama to pick up a few sponges, cut them into strips, and then tie the bundle together with string to make your own splash bombs. Not only can you reuse them (just squeeze out excess water, let them dry, and store them in a Ziplock bag when not in use), but they’re a soft toy that’s safe for littles to throw and is sure to be a hit on hot days.


For the kiddos

Sweet treats? A fancy frozen dessert? Let your kiddos embrace their inner culinary genius this summer. Pick up some cookbooks and foodie magazines from Coles then get your at-home chef-in-training to make a grocery list and head to Bulk Barn and Fairway Market to gather your ingredients. Not only is cooking a great way to keep your kids busy but the rewards are delicious. We can’t promise who will be willing to clean the kitchen afterwards, though.


For the tweens + teens

Get moving, stay active, and learn a new sport or skill. Whether it’s backyard basketball, street hockey, or learning to paddle board at the lake, keep your tweens and teens busy and entertained with a GoPro—the perfect piece of technology to capture a season’s worth of outdoor memories and adventures. The team at Atmosphere can help you pick the right model and accessories. Then visit Boathouse to get some cool threads and sweet slides for summer, too.


We wish everyone a fun and safe summer break!