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What’s in Your Bag – Beach Edition

We love a good beach day. Sand, sun, good times, great friends—what’s not to love? So pack your favourite tote bag with these must-haves, sink your toes in the water and your booty in the sand and get ready for a beautiful day at the beach.



It might seem obvious but it’s worth repeating: if you’re spending time outside you need sunscreen, even if you’re spending the day in the shade. Toss your favourite sunscreen in your bag so you always have it close at hand. Reapply often, especially if you’re in the water, and give your beach buddies a friendly reminder to do the same. Not sure what the best sunscreen is for your skin type? Pop in to Shoppers Drug Mart to talk to a beauty expert to learn more.



Squinting in the sun? That’s so last season. Just like sunscreen protects your skin, sunglasses protect your eyes and it’s equally important. Choose lenses that offer UV protection so you know your eyes are safe (look for a sticker on the glasses) and consider the colour, too. While rosy tinted frames are a fun fashion statement, they can distort the colour of traffic lights and other important signs and signals. Instead look for green or brown tinted lenses to stay safe at the beach, while boating, and on the road.  If you need prescription sunglasses, check in with the professionals at Opticanada.



Ever wonder what the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel is? You’re not alone. Aside from funky prints and cool patterns, a beach towel is usually larger (more room to lay on) and thinner, meaning it dries quicker while you’re enjoying the water or playing in the sand. Get a new, totally trendy towel from Winners and be sure to shake out the sand before you pack up for the day.



It’s common to load up the cooler for a beach day but if space is at a premium (or, let’s face it, you’re just feeling a little lazy) grab quick snacks you can toss in your tote without worry. Treat yourself to your favourite party mix or chips, make a healthy swap with mixed nuts or trail mix, or bring on the nostalgia with your favourite sour candies and gummi bears. Whatever you’re craving, you’re sure to find it at Fairway Market and it’s sure to be delicious. And don’t forget a drink to stay hydrated, too.



As much as we love mermaid hair, the fact is letting your hair down at the beach can be a hassle. Salt water, sand, and sweaty foreheads? No thanks. Keep a pack of scrunchies in your bag to tie your hair back and stay cool. We recommend a loose braid or ponytail for an effortless summer style that keeps you looking great and keeps wash day at bay. When you are ready to bring on the beachy waves, visit the team at Chatters to find the professional products you need for perfectly tousled tresses every time.