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National Prosecco Day

Bring on the bubbly, it’s National Prosecco Day. While we personally believe there’s no bad time to pour the prosecco, if you’re celebrating officially, the holiday falls on August 13 and we’re making time to learn more about this totally trendy—and delicious—beverage.


What is Prosecco?

In simplest terms, prosecco is a type of sparkling white wine made in Italy. While many people draw comparisons between it and Champagne, the two are quite different. Champagne, technically, must come from the specific Champagne region in France to earn the label. Additionally, the two bubbly bevvys are made from different grapes and use a different process to make the wine sparkling. Then there’s the price point—prosecco is much kinder on your wallet while still making for a fantastic drink.


Is Prosecco sweet?

Good news, it doesn’t matter if you like it sweet or a little on the dry side, there are different varieties of prosecco available to appeal to different palettes. Make sure to read the label or ask an expert at the Signature BC Liquor Store to help pick your perfect match.


What should I pair it with?

Charcuterie lovers, rejoice. Prosecco is the ideal complement to cured meats, fruits, and savory cheeses and works well with a mix of sweet and salty flavours. Put together your own grown-up picnic or leave the work to someone else and pop into Fairway Market to pick up some fresh, ready-to-devour appies.


Pop the bottles and enjoy responsibly.  Cheers!