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Trip Planning 101

Is there ever a bad time to turn on your out of office message, pack your suitcase, and take a little trip? We didn’t think so. With fall in full swing, it’s a great time to look ahead to spring break vacations and start thinking of where to go, what to do, and saving up for a great getaway.


Consult a travel agent

Traveling with a large group? Arriving at your destination from different parts of the country? Not sure how you’ll get from the airport to the hotel? Planning your own trip can be a fun, exciting part of the process and with so many trip planner websites, travel apps, and online reviews there’s no shortage of information and opinions to consider. But before you get lots in Pinterest boards, Facebook groups, and Trip Advisor warnings, make time to talk to a travel agent and visit Westshore Travel Centre. Not only can a travel agent help you book your trip and take care of the logistics, they can also provide valuable insight, arrange transfers and tours, and create an itinerary that ensures you see the sights with plenty of time to relax. A stress-free vacation? Priceless.


Take advantage of promo offers, reward points, and more

Opening a new credit card to travel might sounds crazy, but it can be a great way to take advantage of rewards, sign up bonuses, and extra incentives that bring down the cost of your trip. Talk to your bank (and visit our local TD, RBC, CIBC, or Coast Capital branches) and compare options online to find the best fit for your family, budget, and lifestyle before you sign up and always use your credit card responsibly to avoid extra charges and interest payments.


Consider a vacay without leaving the country

Okay so a warm breeze on a tropical beach does sound pretty enticing, but don’t discredit a Canada-cation. Not only is Canada a large and very diverse country with something for everyone (oceanfront, lakes, mountains, cities) but staying within the borders means there’s no need to exchange money or worry about passport line ups. Explore your own big backyard on any budget and have a great time, eh?


Whether you need a new suitcase, new outfit, or new camera to capture your memories, everything you need for a great vacation is right here. Bon voyage!