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Quick & Easy Hallowe’en Costumes


Boo! Halloween is right around the corner and while some people started planning their costumes weeks and weeks ahead of time, some of us aren’t so organized. Need a last-minute costume for you or your kiddo? We’ve got you covered.


Repurpose an old costume

Have last year’s costume tucked away in the back of your closet? There’s nothing stopping you from taking an old costume a repurposing it with a new twist. Grab a pair of scissors and some fake blood to become a zombified version of your previous get up or grab your BFF and see if you can swap old costumes for a fun and thrifty (and easy) costume. Score some new dramatic makeup (and your favourite Halloween candy) from Shoppers Drug Mart and get ready to perfect your look in no time.


Break out the craft supplies

If you’re feeling crafty, there’s no limit to what you can quickly create as a costume. Dust off some old jeans, your favourite flannel, and round up a few twigs to make yourself a trendy lumberjack. Need a group costume? Grab a few basic, colourful tees, your scissors and some posterboard from Dollarama and start cutting out some M’s. Before you know it you’re everyone’s favourite chocolate treat! Or grab a few sheets of yellow construction paper, a pack of markers, and start drawing all your favourite emojis. Stick them on a t-shirt, jacket, or headband and make sure everyone gets the message.


Go for simple and silly

No time to shop? No worries. There are plenty of funny, easy costumes you can put together at the 11th Have an old cereal box? Add a plastic knife and voila, you’re a cereal killer. An old bedsheet and some scissors? A classic and timeless ghost. An old fancy dress or suit and an “I’m sorry” sign and now you’re a formal apology. And when all else fails, put on your favourite outfit, add a “Nudist on Strike” sign, and watch the laughs roll in.


Whatever costume you choose for yourself or your kiddos, remember to dress for the weather and add things like reflective tape or glowsticks for safety when trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!