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Skip the Candy With These Treats

Love Halloween but don’t love the candy? That’s okay. As sweet and delicious as Halloween treats can be not everyone wants the sugar rush that comes with a candy haul. If you’re not a sweet tooth, or just want a few candy alternatives for you and your kiddos, keep reading.


Try tiny toys

Who said Halloween treats had to be food? Aside from snacks, Halloween is all about being creative and having fun with friends. Tiny toys like playdough, slime, stickers, bouncy balls, or funky pens and pencils, are all great giveaways that provide tons of entertainment. Stock up at Dollarama and let your imagination run wild. Or, give away glowsticks for a fun (and safe) treat on Halloween night.



Walking the neighbourhood in costume? That’s a workout. And there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a thirst-quenching beverage when you’re out and about on Halloween. Load up on juice boxes or water bottles as a great non-candy treat that’s sure to be appreciated and well-received. For bonus points, freeze the water bottles or juice box the night before to keep them cold before your trick-or-treat crew comes knocking.


Stick with school-friendly snacks

Chocolate bars, bags of chips, and sweet and sour candy might be popular but so are goldfish crackers, rice krispy treats, and even granola bars (especially the ones with chocolate chips and marshmallows—yum). Not only are they a healthier Halloween alternative, but they double as a delicious snack for school. Check out Fairway Market for a range of options and look for nut-free labels for a safe choice for kiddos with allergies.


Need a shot of sugar but don’t want to buy a massive box of chocolate and candy? Scope out Bulk Barn and load up on just the right amount of all your favourites without overdoing it.

Get your fill of all goodies and have a happy, spooky, and safe Halloween!