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Packing Makes Perfect

Have you ever been packing for a vacation only to wonder how you could possibly need so much stuff? Or worse yet, how on Earth you’re going to fit everything in your luggage? You’re not alone. While we get the fear of forgetting your favourite top or the need to bring just one more pair of shoes learning to pack your suitcase the right way, with the right stuff, is a skill and we’ve found the tips and tricks you need to make it even easier for your next trip.


Remember where you’re going and what you’ll be doing

It might seem obvious, but your destination will determine what you need to pack. Scope out the forecast and plan ahead. Heading to the tropics? Break out the shorts and sundresses. Skiing in the mountains? Bundle up. If you’re travelling for work or business, will you need formal clothes? Planning a nice dinner on vacation? Make sure you pack accordingly. Try laying out your outfits ahead of time and consider bringing multi-purpose pieces that go to together giving you more options with less clothing. Stay organized with a set of packing cubes that let you group your outfits together (head to Bentley to pick up a set) or put each outfit in its own Ziplock bag and press out the air to save space and stay organized.


Try everything on ahead of time

What is it about travel that makes us reach for clothes we haven’t worn in ages? Before you throw that little black dress or those jeans you swore you’d fit into in your luggage, take the time to try on what you’ll be bringing and make sure it’s comfortable and fits how you like it. Need alterations done? Visit Tailor 2 Fit and get your vacation clothes tailored to fit like a glove before you depart.


Wear your bulky clothes

You are your own best storage space when travelling. With space at a premium in your luggage, wear your bulkiest clothes (like sweatpants, hoodies, or a jacket) on your flight. Not only will it keep you comfy and cozy on the plane in the recycled air, but it saves you plenty of space trying to shove your oversized hoodie in your bag.


Charge everything

Phone? iPad? Laptop? Whatever you’re bringing, charge it before you leave and make sure you’ve downloaded anything you may need—like your digital boarding pass, airline apps, or booking confirmations. While most airports and travel hubs offer free Wi-Fi, there’s nothing worse than your device dying right as you need to book an Uber, pull up a map, or snap a vacation selfie. Keep your chargers with you in your carry-on and don’t forget your headphones, too. Need a new case or device accessories before you take off? Mobile Q’s got it.


Whenever and wherever you’re going, travel safe, take pictures, and make memories.