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Keep your Hair Happy

We know winter weather can be hard on your skin, but what about your hair? Adjusting your haircare routine for the winter ensures there’s nothing but good hair days in the forecast and keeps your tresses tamed and your locks looking lovely.


What products should I use?

Consider adding a hair oil to your routine if you’re not already. Hair oils are a great way to tame flyaways and frizz and they add much needed moisture and protection to your locks. Concentrate the product towards the mids and ends of your hair and skip your scalp to avoid looking greasy. Add a weekly deep conditioning treatment or hair mask too for extra moisture and scalp care


How often should I wash my hair?

No one is saying skip your shower (trust us, no one said that) but washing your hair every day is not necessary. Over-washing your hair strips it of natural oils that have a lot of benefit. Aim to wash your hair once or twice a week and try out hairstyles and fun accessories like claw clips, silk scrunchies, loose braids or a sleek top knot between washes.


Do I still need regular haircuts?

YES! Keep up with regular trims and visits to the salon (book your appointment now with Chatters, Shears, or Tommy Gun’s) to eliminate split ends and encourage new, healthy hair growth.


Is there anything I should avoid?

While it’s common to be looking for more heat in the winter, when it comes to your hair, reduce heat as much as possible this time of year. Cold weather makes your hair extra fragile and additional heat can cause more damage. Skip the flat iron or curling wand and embrace airdrying and natural styles whenever you can. Need to use a little heat? Make sure to use the lowest setting possible and always add a heat protectant spray.


Take care of yourself, and your hair, and remember—you look fabulous!