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Holiday Dos and Don’ts for a Stress-Free Season

Ever notice how the holidays can make you feel, well, stressed out? Despite being a time focused on family, friends, joy, and cheer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and broke. Before you lose yourself in rolls of wrapping paper and stacks of holidays sweets, take a minute to look at these holiday dos and donts to help you have a stress-free season this year.


Do make a plan and create lists

Ever convinced yourself you’ll remember exactly what you need only to show up at the store and completely forget? When it comes to holiday shopping make a list. Not only will it ensure you don’t forget anything (and no one wants to run back to the stores a second time when you’re already cozy at home) but it will also ensure you don’t buy things you don’t need and can help you stay on budget.


Don’t try to do everything yourself

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, a family feast, or just trying to decorate your house and wrap presents there’s no need to try and do it all yourself. Let other people help and divide and conquer what needs to be done. Try turning your dinner into a potluck and have everyone bring their favourite dish or draw names for Secret Santa so everyone only buys one gift and have a fun time guessing who your secret Santa was.


Do look for shortcuts

Pre-made appetizers? Party platters? Drink mixes? Check, check, and check. While a homecooked meal can’t be beat, there’s nothing that says you can’t take a few shortcuts along the way to make life easier and save time.


Don’t leave things to the last minute

No one likes to rush. While the winter holidays can be a busy time of year, beat your inner procrastinator and start early if you can. Do one small thing each day—like wrapping one present, decorating one small area, or tidying up one room—and watch how much you can accomplish in just a few days. And if you do leave things until the last minute, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our holiday hours.


Do slow down and enjoy

Remember when we said this time of year is all about friends, family, joy, and cheer? We meant it! Make time to slow down and enjoy yourself this season. Take breaks, treat yourself, watch your favourite holiday shows, crank up the holiday tunes, and have fun along the way.


Don’t freak out if things don’t go according to plan

So you burnt dinner and spilled a drink? So what?! Don’t sweat the small stuff or panic if things don’t go exactly according to plan. You’re making memories!



Happy Holidays!