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Let Gratitude Be Your Attitude


Being thankful isn’t reserved for the Thanksgiving season. In fact, making time to reflect and practice gratitude is important. Psychology research suggests that actively expressing your gratitude can help people to feel more positive, improve self-esteem, and even lower stress. So, how do you make gratitude your attitude?


Journal it out

Journaling is a great way to organize thoughts and ideas, but it can also be a powerful tool for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. Try setting aside time and making a list of the things (and people!) you’re thankful for and the reasons why. Need help getting started? Try a gratitude journal with questions and prompts to get the ball rolling.


Send a hand-written note or card to someone

When was the last time you sent a card to someone just because? Writing a card or note to a friend or loved one is a kind, thoughtful gesture (and a nice break from texts, emails, and technology) that’s sure to show your appreciation. Stop waiting for holidays and birthdays and pick up a “just because” card to send to someone special now.


Try meditating

Sometimes we all need a few moments of quiet to gather our thoughts and reflect. Take time at the start or end of your day to meditate. Create a quiet space free of distractions and then close your eyes, get comfortable, and breathe deeply. Having trouble unwinding? Try using a guided meditation app on your smartphone or tablet to help.


Take a walk

Not only does time away from the screen have its own benefits but getting up and going for a walk can help you practice gratitude while you soak up the scenery—after all, this is beautiful British Columbia—and enjoy some fresh air and natural light. Explore new parks and trails in your neighborhood and invite a friend to share the experience with. (But you might want to invest in new shoes or an umbrella first)


Express yourself, express your gratitude, and enjoy the benefits along the way.