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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s officially March and that means spring is right around the corner. While there’s still plenty of rain in the forecast, now is the perfect time to start preparing to plant your garden. Gather your pots, ready your shovels—let’s dig into it.


Start small

Whether you have a full backyard, a small deck or patio, or just a windowsill, there’s no limits on how big (or small) you make your garden. If you’re just getting started, consider starting your garden off with a few plants that have similar needs, like amount of sun and water, to make upkeep as easy as possible. Need some new pots and garden décor? Be sure to check HomeSense for trendy garden accessories. If you’re planting from seeds, be sure to use garden markers to remember what’s what as your seedlings emerge.


Keep it pet-friendly

If you share your space with furry friends, make sure whatever you plant is pet-friendly. Certain trees and flowers can be toxic to animals and even pet-friendly plants and grasses can still produce pollen that dogs and cats can be sensitive to. Do your research before you dig and invest in a gardening guide to learn more or check out the app store on your smart phone or tablet for tons of helpful tips and tricks on how to plant and tend to a garden the whole family can enjoy.


Plant something delicious

When in doubt, plant something edible. One of the biggest perks to planting a garden is being able to enjoy your harvest later. Plant your favourite fruits and veggies for fresh produce all season long or grow your own fresh herbs for tasty seasonings and garnishes.


Test the limits of your green thumb and escape to your own garden oasis this spring, summer, and beyond.