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5 Fun Activities to Try on Spring Break

Spring break—for some it’s an exciting time to kick back, relax, or travel. But for others it can be a stressful time trying to find childcare and entertain the kiddos. If that latter sounds more like you, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up five fun family-friendly activities for you to try over this year’s Spring Break.



Think scavenger hunt meets nature walk. Geocaching has become a phenomenon in recent years, with people taking part all over the world. In fact, there’s millions of people playing with millions of geocaches (or hidden containers) to be found. Getting started is easy—simply download the Geocaching app, and using GPS signals, follow along to find geocaches nearby. When you find a geocache, open it. Inside the container you can expect to find a logbook (be sure to sign it!) and you may even find some cool extras and small trinkets. Keep track of your finds and share your adventures with the caching community. We recommend hitting Dollarama to pick up a few supplies (like a small notepad, pen, and cold drink) before heading out on your next adventure.


Whether you like drawing and painting or want to design your own hair accessories and jewelry boxes, crafting is a fun and creative way to spend some time together with kiddos. Plus, it’s not weather-dependent meaning if the forecast calls for rain, you can still tackle your craft projects. But before you rush down the art supply aisle, we suggest taking a look through supplies you probably already have at home—think cardboard recycling, old Tupperware containers, and even old t-shirts—all of which can be great thrifty ways to upcycle and repurpose materials for fun arts and crafts.


Who doesn’t like edible entertainment? There’s no better time than Spring Break to get kids in the kitchen. Pick out a new recipe or a tried-and-true fave and get cooking. Start simple—like smoothies or a classic chocolate chip cookie—or have your kiddos take on more responsibility and get them involved in planning and cooking dinner. Visit Bulk Barn and Fairway Market to stock your fridge and pantry. (And if your kiddo’s creation isn’t quite edible, we’ve got you covered with plenty of restaurants and take out options)

Science Experiments

Science is quite literally all around us. Why not use Spring Break as an opportunity to learn more and conduct a few experiments? Grow rock candy in a glass jar and discover how crystallization happens, make homemade slime from borax and liquid glue, or test your paper airplane flying skills. As much as we love science, it can be messy, so consider saving your experiments for the backyard or local park (just be sure to clean up after yourself).


If tightrope walking seems boring, slacklining might be for you and your kiddos. Slacklining uses a length of flat webbing that’s fixed above the ground (between posts or trees) but is not stretched tight. This means the line has plenty of give, or slack, as you walk across. While it can be a challenge, slacklining can also be a great form of exercise, balance, and can even be considered a form of moving meditation. Take your time when getting started (don’t anchor your line too high above the ground) and make sure your little ones are safe and under supervision. If you want to try slacklining or other fun outdoor obstacles, visit Mastermind Toys and get ready to get moving.


However you spend your spring break, have a fun, memorable, and safe time!