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Run For It

Sneakers, trainers, kicks—whatever you call them, finding the right pair of running shoes is important. But before you start trying on Nikes or styling your Adidas, consider these few tips and tricks to make finding your ideal sneaker simple and stress-free.


Don’t focus on looks

We love a trendy, stylish pair of shoes but when it comes to runners, style comes second. Think of your runners as an investment—the fit, form, support, and quality should all trump things like colour or brand name. Consider things like the weight of the shoe, arch support, and the fit around your heel to ensure you’ll be walking (or running) on air.


Consider your running surface

Do you like to run on a treadmill? A track? Outdoors on trails? Depending on where you plan to run most often, you’ll want to choose sneakers with the right sole thickness and support to keep you moving comfortably and hitting your stride with ease.


Go shopping in the evening

Did you know the time of day you go shoe shopping matters? Your feet swell slightly throughout the day until approximately 4pm. Shoe shopping later in the afternoon or early evening (when they’re the most swollen) ensures your shoes will fit at all times and not feel too snug. Try wearing your running socks too for a realistic try-on experience.


Be willing to try a different size

Just because every pair of shoes in your closet is a size 7, doesn’t mean a 7 is the right size runner for you. When fitting your sneakers, ensure you have enough room to wiggle freely like you’re playing the piano with your toes. Shoes that are too tight can lead to blisters, toe cramps, and even damage to your toenails—yikes. Instead, have your feet measured when shopping for runners and don’t be afraid to ask a sale associate or professional for recommendations.


Happy shopping (and running!).