Westshore Blog

There is No Planet B

We love a good shopping spree but with Earth Day right around the corner (April 22nd) we’re focusing on sustainability and sharing three easy tips to make your next Westshore adventure more eco-friendly.


Find a new way to the mall

We all know that driving is convenient, but it’s also a big source of pollution. Not to mention, no one likes a crowded parking lot. Before your next trip to the mall, try carpooling with friends or better yet, take transit (the 50 Langford bus and 53 Langford Exch via Atkins will both get you here easily). As the weather warms up, consider walking—if you’re close by—or hop on your bike for a short ride to Westshore Town Centre.


Bring your reusable bags

With so many stores and sales to take advantage of, you’ll want your reusable bags to carry home your haul. Keep your reusable bags in your car so you don’t forget to bring them with you or keep a spare in your purse or bag. If you need extras, visit Shoppers Drug Mart or Winners and take advantage of cute spring designs, too.


Don’t forget your own straw or cutlery

Shopping can really work up an appetite and with so many restaurant options, we wouldn’t blame you if you needed a snack break. Treat yourself to a bite to eat and a reusable cutlery set or straw—perfect for dining out on the go. Did we mention everything tastes better when there’s less waste?


Celebrate the planet in style and shop responsibly on Earth Day and every day.