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Tips & Tricks for a Stylish Spring

Spring fashion is so much more than florals and pastels. It’s a great time to give your wardrobe a refresh and add new pieces to your closet to help you transition through the season in style. Make the experience even easier with a few simple tips and tricks for finding your next great look.


Dress for try-ons

Have you ever gone shopping for new clothes but felt completely exhausted popping in and out of change rooms? You’re not alone. If you’re planning to try on clothes, dress for the occasion. Wear something comfortable that’s easy to change in and out of and shoes that slip on and off to make the process more efficient. If you’re shopping for a special occasion (like grad or a wedding) toss a pair of heels in your bag to get a better sense of how your outfit will look when it’s accessorized, and make sure you’re wearing the right undergarments—like a strapless bra—too.


Get properly fitted

We all have a general idea of what size we wear, but taking the time to be properly fitted can be eye opening and ensures you reach for sizes and styles that are going to be the most flattering (and the most comfortable). Talk to a sales associate in store to learn more about different fits, fabrics, and options to order in specific sizes that might not be available in store.


Invest in the basics

You might think that when it comes to simple things like plain tees, tank tops, and an ordinary pair of jeans you should be frugal, right? Wrong. While there’s nothing wrong with savings and getting a sweet deal, when it comes to basics and wardrobe essentials, take the time to invest in quality pieces that are going to last you, as these are likely things you’ll wear often. Go for timeless over trendy, quality over quantity, and simple staples that you can wear multiple ways, through multiple seasons.


Get things tailored

The odds of something fitting you flawlessly off the rack are…slim. Tailoring is an easy way to get the best fitting wardrobe possible. Instead of trying to find something perfect in store, shop for things you love that fit well—not perfectly—and then get them tailored. Having pants hemmed or taken in at the waist ensures your clothes fit your body exactly as you want them too and can be the difference between meh and magic.


Try something new

Knowing what you like and dislike is always a good starting point when building a wardrobe, but it’s important to still give yourself permission to try something new. Experiment with colour, patterns, and accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry as a fun and low commitment way to mix up your usual looks.


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