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Nailed It

New nails, who dis? Treat yourself to an easy at-home mani/pedi or splurge on a spa day with these fun and trendy styles that anyone can rock.


Glazed Donuts

Thanks to Hailey Bieber, glazed donut nails have been pretty much everywhere lately. And the best part? They go with almost any aesthetic and style since they can be achieved by putting a pearlescent gel or powder over the colour of your choice. Stick with a pale pink or beige base for a neutral look that’s soft and classy, or use a rich, deep brown base shade for a chocolate glaze twist.



It’s time to think pink. With Barbie vibes all the rage right now and the new movie hitting theatres, it’s the perfect time to embrace the trend and try a hot pink mani or pedi. For a fun twist, add a matte topcoat or finish with chunky glitter and embellishments for added sparkle and shine.


Tomato Time

Red is never wrong when it comes to nails. This classic option is in style any season but when it comes to summer, look for tomato or cherry reds with a more orange hue for a warmer, brighter style that goes great with flip flops and a tan. Be sure to prep your nails with a basecoat to avoid staining and help your look last longer.


Whatever style you choose, we’re confident you’ll look fabulous—just don’t break a nail.