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It’s Boba Baby!

Whether or not you’ve tried it, you’ve definitely seen it. Available in a variety of flavours (and colours), Boba is a popular tea-based drink known and recognized for its distinguishing feature—tapioca pearls.


What is boba?

The word boba refers to the pearls themselves, but the drink as a whole is also commonly called boba or bubble tea. The pearls, which were originally made from sweet potato or tapioca starch and then added to water sweetened with sugar, are now larger than their original form and are typically made from a blend of starches, while the sugar water is now most often replaced by milk tea. Boba originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and today is enjoyed by people all over the world—including Westshore.


What do boba pearls taste like?

Today, boba pearls are often cooked in syrups that impact their colour and flavour. They’re sweet, chewy and similar to gummy candy in texture. Quality boba pearls won’t melt in your mouth but won’t require you to chew them forever.


Are there other flavours?

While brown sugar boba milk tea is a classic (and common) flavour option you’ll see, many boba shops offer an assortment of other options including strawberry milk tea, matcha milk tea, taro milk tea, or slushy flavours—like mango—with added boba pearls. Prefer your drink a little less sweet? Order reduced sugar or light syrup to adjust the drink to your liking.


Is boba only in drinks?

While this is the most common place you’ll find it, today’s clever culinary minds have also created products like boba popsicles and ice cream, and you may even find boba as a topping for shaved ice or dessert pizza.


Happy sipping!