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Best Tips for Back to School

From kindergarten to college, the back-to-school season can be full of excitement, nerves, and even a little stress. But don’t worry—we’ve got you and your kiddo covered.


Write out a routine

It’s easy to say you have a plan for the back-to-school transition, but writing out a routine can make all the difference when it comes to staying organized. Go beyond a schedule or calendar and look at what steps you and your little scholar need to take each day to be ready for school. Creating a checklist system helps ensure consistency in those busy mornings and ensures you don’t forget important things—like your backpack or lunch!


Prep the night before

There is nothing worse than the last-minute chaos of trying to get dressed, out the door, and off to school on time only to be met with a chorus of “I don’t know what to wear” or “I can’t find it”. Taking a few minutes the night before can save you a lot of stress in the morning. Have your kiddo pick out their outfit and double check they have all their books and supplies for the day ahead. And don’t skimp on the snacks—pack lunches and snacks the night before too for an easy grab-and-go morning.


Be social media smart

Back to school is a great time to celebrate and there are so many special moments to capture. But if you’re planning to share first day photos on social media, use caution. Avoid sharing specific details about your kiddo online like the name of their school or teacher and be mindful that while your child might pose for the picture, they might not want it shared with everyone. Share your photos with select friends and family offline or, if you are going to post big back to school milestones, keep your caption generic and watch out for anything in the background—like a street name or address—that could make it easy to identify you and your little one’s whereabouts.



Cheers to a fabulous and fun school year!