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H2O on the Go

Thirsty? Getting enough water every day can be tricky but it’s an important part of you overall health and wellness. Water plays a vital role in digestion, the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and let’s face it, is there a better way to cool down in the heat? But if you’re struggling to sip your daily intake, check out these tips and tricks.


Get a cup or water bottle you love

We know—you probably already have a cupboard full of travel bugs and water bottles. But, if you’re trying to drink more water, treating yourself to a cup or bottle you love can help. Choose a container that suits your needs (Do you need a straw? A lid? Does it need to fit in the cupholder in the car? Dishwasher safe?) and matches your aesthetic with cute colours or personalize your pick with stickers and fun add ons. Not only will your stylish new container help keep you hydrated, but you’ll want to carry your stylish new accessory everywhere with you.


Invest in a water jug for the fridge

There is nothing more thirst-quenching than a tall, cold glass of water. Consider keeping a jug of water in the fridge so it’s the perfect temperature anytime. And while Canada has some of the best tap water in the world, if you’re concerned about filtering your water, a simple Brita jug will do the trick.


Try adding fresh fruit or drink mix

While water is definitely refreshing, it’s not exactly full of flavour. If you’re looking for a little extra oomph, try adding sliced citrus like lemon, lime, and orange, or cucumber and mint for some subtle spa vibes and extra vitamins. If you still can’t hit your daily water goals, consider trying a low-calorie water enhancer like Crystal Lite or Mio. Or, add more water to drinks you already enjoy like fruit juice or tea.


Happy sipping!