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Get Your Garden Fall Ready

Hello, September! While the first official day of Fall is still weeks away, it’s time to start prepping your yard for cooler temperatures. Whether you’ve got a few potted plants or a garden oasis, we’ve put together tips and tricks to keep your precious plants growing strong.


It’s time for a trim

Trimming and pruning bushes and other perennial plants is an important step in transitioning your garden and outdoor space. Not only does this encourage your plants to continue to grow and bloom as long as possible into the fall, but it also removes any potentially diseased matter that can be harmful to vegetation. Be sure to use sharp pruners or shears and compost your trimmings.


Make the bed

Think you only need to top up your garden beds when planting? Think again. Adding additional mulch or leaves to your garden this time of year not only helps to add and hold moisture, but it also helps to protect your plants from extreme changes in temperature that can occur throughout the season.


Clear space

If you’ve planted annuals (flowers and plants that don’t come back year after year) now is the time to pull up any plants that are starting to decline. Look for signs like yellowing or browning leaves, wilting, and reduced flowers or blooms, then gently pull the plant out with the roots and compost them.

Now is also the time to clear away any debris or clutter in your yard or garden to prevent critters from hiding there during the winter. Consider investing in additional storage if you need it or donate any backyard and patio toys or furniture you no longer need.


Plant for spring

Yes, believe it or not, spring planting starts now. Start planting bulbs (like tulips and daffodils) over the fall and then enjoy the bright and colourful benefits in just a few months.


Enjoy your outdoor space in any season, and happy gardening!