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Warm Up With Winter Bedding

Fall is a great time of year to update your home décor, and that includes your bedroom.  Read through our tips below, then get yourself to QE Home and their associates will help you pick out the bedding that’s right for your needs.


Choose bedding based on your personal preferences and comfort

Your bedding and linens come down to personal preference. While they can be a key piece of design and décor in your bedroom, the goal of your bedding is to keep you comfortable and have a great sleep. When choosing new sheets, blankets, and pillows, consider a few key questions: what fabrics do you like, what’s your budget, and what helps you have the best sleep possible? Once you’ve answered those questions, then factor in things like colours, prints, and optional extras like throw blankets and decorative pillows.


Adjust for temperature

Are you always freezing at night? Or do you wake up sweating? Your bedding can play a big role in temperature. If you’re feeling a chill, consider swapping to flannel sheets for the winter or add an extra blanket on top of your duvet or comforter. If you’re overheating, stick to lighter fabrics like a jersey knit or bamboo cotton for more breathability and skip the extra layers. Consider investing in pillows that stay cool throughout the night, too, for a relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep.


Do your homework before your laundry

Washing your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets is an important part of regular maintenance (and hygiene) but it can require extra care and diligence. How often you wash your bedding depends on a few factors. Do you eat in bed? Are you sharing your bed with pets? And what’s your overall personal preference? Wash your bedding as frequently as you feel necessary and always read the label for best care instructions. Many duvets and large blankets can’t be washed effectively in a standard at-home washing machine due to their size. Try taking your items to a local laundromat with larger machines when the time comes instead.

And that amazing smelling laundry soap you love? You might want to skip it. Since we—quite literally—wrap up in our bedding, choosing fragrance free detergents is a good idea to avoid any sensitivities or reactions.


Getting sleepy? Refresh your sleep set up now and settle in for maximum comfort