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The One With Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner but so is another holiday—Friendsgiving. The increasingly popular celebration brings together friends to share a meal, give thanks, make memories and of course, laugh hysterically. Whether you’re a Friendsgiving pro or hosting your first bash with your BFFs, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help you have a great—and delicious—evening.


Divide up the work

Cooking an entire meal, dessert, and making drinks is a lot to manage alone. That’s why we’re all for dividing up the work. Turn your Friendsgiving meal into a potluck and have everyone contribute. Not only does it lighten the load, but it also can make it more cost effective, and you and your besties can all show off your culinary skills. Expecting leftovers? Be sure to tell everyone who is joining your Friendsgiving to bring their own containers and then split anything that’s left at the end of your meal for a delicious next-day lunch or dinner.


Modernize the menu

Turkey? Mashed potatoes? Absolutely classics, but absolutely not necessary. When it comes to Friendsgiving, take the opportunity to modernize the menu and choose the foods you and your friends enjoy the most. Looking for inspiration? Consider picking a theme (like finger foods only) and make sure to factor in any dietary restrictions your guests may have.



There’s more to Friendsgiving than food. It’s also about spending time together with your besties. Plan for an evening of entertainment with board games, trivia, charades, video games, or a new flick on Prime or Netflix. Don’t forget to capture a few Instagram-worthy photos, too.


Add a dress code

Feel fancy? Focused on comfort? Why not add a dress code to your Friendsgiving celebrations. Break out your best dress for a fun reason to dress up or tell all your besties to wear their PJs for the ultimate in cozy relaxation. Just make sure you give all your friends the same dress code and details ahead of time.


However you celebrate and whoever joins you, we wish you a fabulous time with friends and loved ones!